Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Arite Lange has the charm of a date rapist"

I watched Artie Lange's Beer League last night and really liked it. Sure it is silly and juvenile but there was some funny stuff and it made my being trapped in a hotel room almost bearable. If you do get a chance to see this dvd I highly recommend you taking the time to explore the bonus features. The uncensored commentary is unlike any I have ever listened to as Artie talks about stuff like being addicted to heroin just before the filming and how a reviewer said he had all the charm of a date rapist, to witch Norm MacDonald reminded him that a date rapist is 10 times more charming then a regular rapist because a date rapist has to get the date in the first place.

Pretty mindless fun and before anyone gets silly here I am not "pro date rape" or any kind of rape...unless it involves and and I have pre-arranged to have an amazonian redhead attack me in a mutually decided location....but that is not really what we are talking about.

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