Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Everyone loves Postcards

Hey All,

Not much to update here in the redheaded tattoo capital of Canada. I am not sure if that is an official designation but I have seen more redheads (something I like) and more tattoos (I like good ones but have seen a bunch a bad ink here) then in any place I have traveled before.

I am sequestered in a hotel so I am a bit out of touch with what is up in the world so I thought for this post I would type about a bunch a stuff that have been rolling around in my head for a bit.

Being under a sort of hotel arrest I have been reading like crazy. In less then a week I have finished Hard Way and Bad Luck and Trouble(both by Lee Child), Chasing Cool as well as something else I can't remember now.

One book I don't have with me (but wish I did) is Postcards : True Stories That Never Happened. Postcards is an anthology book by Eximious Press and is edited by my good friend Jason Rodriguez. The concept of Postcards is that Jason collected a handful of vintage postcards and found a collection of top notch writers to create stories based on stories on the postcards.....and I am not talking about the picture side but rather the letter/correspondence side. This idea is sheer genius and I actually wish I had thought of it first.

The book features some heavyweight comic book talent including Harvey Pekar (yes the guy from the movie American Splendor) and you can check out some previews at the Eximous Press site.

I had something else to talk to you about but honestly can't remember what it was so I guess you can expect another post later tonight (when I remember)

Hope everyone is well


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