Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hotel Key Cards and Fingerprints

I know I have made many references to being holed up in a hotel in a city where there are more Chinese Food restaurants then there are Chinese people and I imagine I am starting to sound winy about it so I come to you with a solution to a pain in the ass problem.

In the 6 days I have been here I have had to get my hotel key card re-programmed 4 times. This number seems high to me and running down the front desk with two kids soaking wet from the pool is proving to be a chore. Since it seems this technology is not proven (or perhaps it is just this hotel chain) I suggest all hotels change their door locks to a fingerprint system. Or a voice recognition system. Sure people may say "I don't want my fingerprints in a system somewhere" but in reality between security background checks and other security measures I would say that half of the world are already in a computer anyway.

Sure this is making a big deal about nothing but this would also add an element of fun to a pretty boring time of staying in a hotel.

Anyway I am just thinking out loud here....feel free to tell me I am silly


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