Monday, May 21, 2007

24 is over

So I just finished watching the season finale of 24 and I gotta saw I am underwhelmed. I have loved every season of this show so far and while a bunch of people have stated this season was a bit "off" and I agree but if I had to identify what was off about it I would say it is because for whatever reason I just couldn't get emotionally invested in the storyline. I won't bother to get into a long list of things that I thought were odd like the fact that Jack was in a Chinese prison for 18 months and was tortured etc etc but yet when he is released he still had a six pack abs and looks pretty healthy. Or it could have been that even though he was out of action for all that time he still had all his marksman skills and stuff.

The ending was disappointing since there was no hook or cliffhanger this season and while I would never put this into the same category as the Apprentice (Did ya here Trump quit today) I hope this show comes back and re-invents itself in some way......maybe as Jack Bauer : Angry P.I. or something.


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