Thursday, March 08, 2007

TV is my best friend.....

Have you ever heard the expression "He was raised by wolves"? Well I was raised by TV. When I was younger my parents realized that they could save a few dollars on babysitters if they just left me with a pizza and the TV remote (and I turned out just fine). So in honour of my love for the magical box I call "Telly" I have decided to focus the first installment of Stuff I Like on one of my current favorite TV shows.

There are a lot of programs that I call "My Show" but the one I am digging the most right now is Iconoclast. Iconoclast is carried in Canada on the Documentary Channel (something I watch a lot of) and originates from the Sundance Channel in the states.

The premise of the show is that two iconic figures (who happen to be friends) are featured together in a weird sort of part interview/part biography/part old friends hanging out catching up on their lives format. It may sound odd but it works because of the fact that these people are actually friends it seems that everyone is relaxed and can talk on an unguarded level. My favorite episode so far has been Tom Ford (the Gucci guy) paired up with Jeff Koons (incredible painter and large scale sometimes erotic sculptor)

This show is cool on so many levels and is easily my favorite show that is not from a major network.

Check it out if you get a chance


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