Thursday, March 08, 2007

Luck is just probability made personal but lets do this anyway!

As a self proclaimed "Marketing Genius" I figured I needed to provide you all a reason to keep reading my little blog besides the obvious one of interesting content. The first idea I came up with was to offer you all large bags of money so we can form a true bond that only money can buy but then I realized that I didn't even have a large bag of money for myself so the second idea I came up with is what I am calling "Lottery Fun".

Once a week I will ask you people (the readers...and I hope I have more then 7 or this could get embarrassing) to post a comment with a number between one and forty nine. I will then take the numbers from the first seven people and purchase a lottery ticket with those numbers.

That is the lottery part...... is the fun part......

All seven people who contributed numbers will be my partner on this particular ticket. I will email you a confirmation and ask you to stop what you are doing so you can direct all of your energy towards winning the lottery.

This is going to start next week so keep checking the blog after Tuesday and get those numbers ready!

I have a good feeling about this!



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