Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So it took me a few days but......

I gave figured out what this blog is going to be about!

The first handfull of posts were self congradulatory links about me and I gotta say that even I was getting bored by it so I have comeup with a few categories that will continue along throughout the blog from here on out.

The categories are as follows:

WWSD (WHAT WOULD SAUL DO) - will be an advice area where I will answer questions on any subject. I don't profess to have the correct answers but I will still give you my answer.

Stuff I Like - This will be a place where I can infect you with what I am digging at the moment. This will usually concentrate on the following categories....Music,Books,DVDS and TV

Lottery Fun - This will get its very own posting in the morning since this is going to take some explanation.

Observations - self explanitory

Free Marketing Ideas - This could be under observastions but I figured I would give it a category of its very own.

General Personal Stuff - self explanitory

So bookmark the site or add it to your RSS feed because I garentee you will find at least a few things interesting here!

oh ya and the site officially starts tomorrow with Lottery Fun!


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