Monday, August 16, 2010

When Brands start doing this I hope people remember who did it first.

*Please Note* I have launched a new home for my blog at I will keep cross posting here for a little while but please update your bookmarks or click on the link an subscribe to the new rss feed.

So I hope you have noticed the new look here at (and I will write about that in the next blog post) but there is something pretty special that you may have not noticed yet…and I expect to be copied.

The thing that is so special, imho, is the url. Ya see I went with a “.is” extention (from Iceland if you are keeping score) so I could create blog posts like this one with the url or even better full pages of this site that are as clear as day to what they are like (for my speaking career) or (for my side projects) and I have plans to add hundreds of pages of things that will entertain and amaze.

Pretty clever huh? Now imagine what a big brand could do with this? or or even The possibilites are endless and with the number of .com’s getting almost impossible to find I would not be surprised if this becomes more popular…so please just remember where you saw it first!

1 comment:

Pablo Edwards said...

Great little technique. I love it!


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