Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am not a Rock Star.

I am not a rock star.

Sure I wear tight pants every once in a while, and yes I have been growing my hair and practicing my stare (thanks for noticing) but this doesn't make me a rock star and here is why.

A Rock Star can live a long time on old material.

As a speaker sharing ideas and such, I can't.

Because of this I have been building a new (fascinating) 60 minute presentation around the concept of "What Marketing will look like in 2011". I've been walking around with this concept in my head for a few weeks and last night I had a Jerry Macguire not the "you complete me" part but rather the "come to Moses" moment where everything becomes clear.

This is the future (imho...and yes I work almost exclusively in colored Sharpie)

...and this is the foundation of the next two talks I will be giving:

Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference - May 13-14th in Halifax, NS

LessConf 3010 - May 21-22nd in Atlanta, GA (I have a crazy surprise planned for this event)

Anyway, Agree, Disagree.

What says you?

(my apologies to Jess Eddy for asking if I could include her in this post but changed the tone and couldn't fit her in. Go check out her links cause she is cool.)

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