Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook : Now with 100% more Creepy!

If you were to ask me what I think about Facebook I would probably say something like "Facebook? Well, Facebook is Facebook"

If you are able to read between the lines, that pretty much means that I really love Facebook for certain things, like finding events and looking at friends pictures and of course keeping track of friends updates...whether they want me to or not.

So last night I was doing a little of all of that when I noticed a new was a little something called "Subscribe to Sarah". The Subscribe to Sarah feature is pretty much exactly what is sounds like...once I click on the Subscribe to Sarah link I will be notified by sms every time Sarah updates her profile in anyway...and the best part is that she isn't notified of people subscribing to her so I, or others can creep all they want anonymously.

Now here are a few things that this makes me think of.

1-This makes me feel old because I remember the good old days when you had to do a little work to stalk a pretty girl :)

2-I wonder why no one else is talking about this?

3-This solidifies my feelings that Facebook is a great consumer application but as far as a business platform it is still missing some features.

4-I wonder why they added rss to profiles and not to groups because that would add real value since I cant remember the last time I checked on any of the groups I have joined.

All this aside, there is one very cool reason to start using the Subscribe to Sarah feature specifically for Canadian users and that is this could be an easy fix for lack of Twitter SMS in Canada. By Subscribing to Sarah with some of your closest friends, assuming they import their tweets to Facebook you will be able to bring that feature back to life.

So what do you think?



Let me know...oh...I just checked and it looks like they also added Subscribe to Sameer, Subscribe to Laura, Subscribe to Amanda, Subscribe to Paige, Subscribe to Stephanie and Subscribe to Rayanne features as well...must have been a busy day over there at Facebook adding all this stuff :)


Chris R said...


I deleted my Facebook account yesterday. It's old and not where you want to be.



Dave Fleet said...

I'm torn. On one hand, you get added creepiness with your Sarah-stalking.

On the other hand, just how different is this to subscribing to someone's blog or Twitter feed (ok, they get notified when you follow, but you could always use RSS)?

One thing to note: from what I can tell, you don't have access to the "subscribe" feature unless you're already "friends" with that person, so you do have some control over subscriptions.



Anonymous said...

I don't have the feature yet. It could be a slow roll out.

Erin said...

Every time Sarah does something from now on I'm commenting immediately. This takes stalking your boss to a whole new level!

Anonymous said...

Damn it left behind on the interesting features again! I think Facebook is starting to degrade its brand with all of these 'me too' strategies. Its a completely different site,with completely different uses. Its never going to be like Twitter and I never want it to be. They just need to make what they have better.


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