Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Want to know the secret to getting a referral? Just ask!

One of the most sought after things in marketing (WOM or Traditional) is a genuine referral. People beat them selves up to figure out how to get these treasured acknowledgments when the simplest way to get a referral is to just ask for one.

Yep, that is the scary genius secret.

...and if you need any further proof I would like to offer the court my Exhibit "A"

This is a card I was given at the airport in Washington DC this morning. Cornelius found me a cab and even went the extra step to make sure they took credit cards (something that very few taxi's in DC do) As I was getting in to the cab I was asked to email his boss and tell them I was happy with his service.

I was happy AND I liked the idea of the card so I emailed and blogged about it.

...all because I got good service and was asked to tell folks!

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Karim Kanji said...


Your post reminded me of my first few days in life insurance sales training. We were told that the BEST way to receive a lead was: AAYSR. Ask And You Shall Receive! A friend also told me that timid salespeople have skinny kids!

Have a great day in our in DC!



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