Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am rocking the boardroom!

In about an hour I will be making a presentation to a bunch of folks from Network Solutions in Herndon, VA. I am currently in their swanky boardroom setting up and and testing the setup by music videos up on the screen. As I type this I am playing this video.

All I need is a disco ball and some pretty girls and I will have successfully converted their boardroom into a nightclub!


ArcoJedi said...

Great job! I listened to your presentation over the phone and watched it online. Thanks for sharing!

saulcolt said...

Very Cool!


Gerard said...

Sorry I missed it. I'll see if we have a stream of it. But at least I'm following you on twitter now.

saulcolt said...

The whole thing was filmed so I am sure it will appear somewhere!


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