Sunday, June 29, 2008

If you are in a Sr. Marketing role please stop buying Seth Godin Books!

DISCLAIMER: Just because it is Lindy Dreyer Week here at does not mean she agrees with any of my fact I am pretty sure she doesn't because she is a free thinking woman and while the following posts were inspired by a conversation with her they are all my own ideas and opinions. Don't hold her responsible for my views :)

I am a big fan of Seth Godin and think he is one of the smartest marketing minds of my time. I have bought and read all of his books except Meatball Sundae cause I haven't gotten around to it.

So now that you understand I am kinda a Seth Godin expert I am going to urge you to please stop buying his books. Not because they are not well written or are full of useful information (because they are) but because they all come to the same conclusion.


So please from now on instead of reading about being remarkable why not actually follow through and BE REMARKABLE.....and this will lead me into a big announcement I have coming tomorrow.

So please come back tomorrow to find our what I am up to that is remarkable!

1 comment:

Meryl333 said...

Saul... How 'bout if I just skim Seth Godin's books? or maybe a little audio while walking to the pier & thinking other awesomely remarkable thoughts?


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