Sunday, June 29, 2008

Does this mean I inspire easy?

I have been writing and thinking a fair bit about inspiration lately.

If you follow my twitter posts (@saulcolt) you would know that I was in Washington, DC last week and while I was there I met someone who inspired me. Her name is Lindy Dreyer and besides being a Whiskey drinking, funny, super cool, interesting and smart woman, she was also very generous with her time and mind and hung out with me a fair bit. This made me happy because from our conversations, I have worked on notes for two weeks worth of blog posts.

I considered calling it Lindy Week here at but realized it could be considered a bit creepy. So instead I am calling it Lindy Dreyer week and want to give her a Hat Tip and thank her for the inspiration on the following few posts.


Lindy Dreyer said...

Wow. I'm honored. Can't wait to read what our chat inspired.

saulcolt said...

That isn't code for "restraining order" is it?


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