Monday, January 21, 2008 least Donald Trump can say he still has his integrity.

I have slagged Donald Trump in this here blog a bunch of times. I think I do it because I don' t like the way (IMHO) he has morphed into a caricature of the guy I admired as an impressionable youth.

That being said I am nothing if not fair and I believe it is worth noting when someone shows I figured I should mention something that happened on the last Celebrity Apprentice and why it impressed me.

So before I begin I should say that I am not sure why I am watching CA because like Celebrity Jeopardy, it doesn't seem as hard or as interesting and I won't even get involved in the speculation as to if half of these folks are even Celebrities but that is not what this post is about.

Ok so in the last episode things happen that find Gene Simmons (Project Manager of the all woman team) in the board room and when The Donald asks Gene "The Tounge" Simmons who he is bringing back he chose two people who had no direct result in the teams loss.

This put Trump in a weird position...."Do I fire the guy who is the only reason to watch the show and will probably kill my waining ratings...or do I fire one of these other two who had nothing to do with the team but by firing them I will keep Gene Gene the Dancing Machine on the Show"

This was a legitimate "tough choice" but I was glad to see Trump exercised integrity and fired the correct person....Gene Simmons......even if it does kill his show.

Oh well, Good for Trump. I am not sure if I will continue with the show...oh who am I kidding....I am still in as long as Jennie Finch is there.


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