Thursday, December 06, 2007

If you love should read this interview

I mentioned in my last (mostly incoherent) post about the fact that I have little memory of my time in High School....while that is 100% true I do remember a few things and one those "things" is my school girl crush on Chris Elliot.

Just so we are clear...I didn't have a crush on the man but rather his work.

His appearances on early episodes of Letterman were wacky and delicious at the same time (like this one)

I am glad to see he is getting some recognition again with a couple of best selling books and I really enjoyed this recent interview with him

Read it with me....wont you?

....and if you are too tired to read (people tell reading this blog is sometimes a workout) then just enjoy another easy to digest video


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Anonymous said...

"Get a Life" was a great show as well.


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