Monday, November 19, 2007

If you like how I should hear me talk!

People always find it hard to believe that I am sorta introverted.

Sure I type away here on an almost daily basis and yes when I enter a room everyone knows I am there (because of my awesome shoe collection) but a little known fact about me is that in a one on one setting I don't always have much to say.

Now put me in a situation where I can talk to room full of people at once and you may have a hard time shutting me up.

I love to speak to crowds and think I do a pretty entertaining job of it (especially the Q&A's) so if you happen to be in the Toronto area next Thursday night (the 29th) why not swing by the Indoor Playground (364 Richmond Street West, Suite 503) and listen to me go on and on about building online and offline communities. I promise it will be entertaining because like this blog, if I have noting more to say I will just start playing YouTube videos!

All the information is available on the Facebook Event page.......and if you mention you are a loyal reader of the blog I will be giving out free hugs....unless you are really hot and then you get kisses.....unless you don't want them.....then just hugs!

Hope to see you there!


1 comment:

The Dan Ward said...

I definitely understand the introvert thing - I love speaking to large groups, and sometimes run out of things to say in smaller settings (particularly in those awkward, short-time-period sort of encounters).

In fact, I sometimes describe myself as "a closet introvert," because I'm in extrovert mode a lot. It's a joke, but it's also sorta true.


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