Friday, November 09, 2007

24 Season 7 is not happening till 2009?

Being the Smartest Man in the World I don't get confused easily but due to conflicting reports from reputable sources I can't figure out if Season 7 of the TV show 24 has been canceled outright or is just on hold due to the writers strike.

Media in Canada has an article today saying it has been axed and to add some editorial spice they go one to add that advertisers in Canada are not concerned since it wasn't drawing viewers like it used to.

But Screen Rant is saying it is postponed but is absolutely coming back after the strike since there are 8 episodes shot already.

So what is it?

Variety says both!?!...well sorta

I will keep digging into this but until I get an answer, please enjoy the season 7 looked like a goody!

Depending on who you listen to.

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Robert said...

Because "24's" episodes aren't self-contained like with most other dramas, Fox decided not to air the eight episodes that were already finished starting in January -- which is when they usually air the first four episodes over two nights -- then have to make viewers wait a few months to see the last two-thirds of the season. And I guess Fox doesn't want to start the season in the spring and have it conclude in the summer, when not as many people are watching.

I wonder if the plans for a "24" movie are still in the works. There are rumors that last year's lackluster storylines were partly due to the show's best writers devoting most of their time to the movie instead of the show.


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