Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I am # 402

I am finally getting recognized for my genius! Ad Age (a magazine I read ever week and I am not saying that so I can get ranked higher) has gone to the trouble of ranking the POWER 150 Marketing/Advertising/PR blogs on the net from around the world and as of yesterday I (this blog) is on the list. Currently I am ranked at 402 out of 450 but I expect to climb that list quickly by posting more about my shower experiences and even throw in a picture or two because if there is one thing I know about Marketing...it is all about giving the people what they want!

...and on a related/unrelated note I am ranked 28th out of all the Canadian blogs!

1 comment:

giL said...

Cheers Saul, you looked cool with your bloglog profile and now I know you are. Congrats for ranking on both important lists. Starting today you are on mine as well (which is even more important). Keep the coolness and the good work on.


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