Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I kinda disagree with Seth Godin.....

This doesn't happen often because I think Seth Godin is brilliant and is truly a thought leader in the marketing space but I sorta kinda disagree with something on his blog about "business cards mistakes".

He makes several points about how (and I am quoting now) "In an era where no one dresses up anymore, they [business cards] give you a chance to position yourself, to represent who you are and what you do in a three cent piece of paper. And yet... almost all business cards are terrible. They are the leisure suits of the marketing the world, the place where bad design not just lives, but thrives."

and goes on to say that "I think the point of your card should not be to demonstrate that you are creative. The point should be to demonstrate that you have good taste."

While he is not wrong (the guy never really is) but the last statement is what I had a problem with. I think your business card should be a way to convey either your company personality or be something so memorable that when people are thinking of your industry they think of you and if possible should tie into your company somehow.

The way to do this is to be creative and have something different.....If you work for a balloon company your "cards" should be un-inflated balloons.......if you make bubble wrap your cards should be made out of bubble salesman? why not have car keys with your business cards as a key chain......I could go on and on.

The problem may lie in the fact that non-creative people are not asking creative folks to design their cards and that is why most cards are lackluster.

I love business cards and am amazed by some of the cards I have been offered. Cards are essential but so is adding personality to your cards.

Heck......I think adding personality to everything is important!

So in closing (I love to say that because it make me sound like a lawyer) I think people should push boundaries with their business cards.....add some partial nudity (ok maybe not push it that far) but whatever you do remember that people just don't remember plain white cards.


p.s. Want a free idea for your business cards? Drop me an email and I will send you a couple!


Arieh Singer said...

Moo cards rock my photography world man! Word to your post Saul!

Bargainista said...

Sure, I'll take you up on some suggestions for my biz cards. Currently, I'm using what I hope is a tasteful card with clear type and "Bargainista"-inspired pink.

Maybe I should be printing them on loonies or coupons. What do you think?

saulcolt said...


I love the idea of a card that looks like a coupon ( don't need me after all) but I will go sit in my Blues Clues thinking chair and think if there is anything else I can suggest!

sethgodin said...

Creative cards are great if they're also good cards. Most people can't do both. If you can't do both, do good instead of creative.

That's not true for most things in life (where creative trumps good) but it sure is here, just look at all the bad examples.

But, of course, you're right, both is better.

Andy Nulman said...


Best biz cards I've seen this year belong to a marketing creativity company called Origami. And as you said, if you're selling creativity...

Well, check 'em out here.

See ya next week...



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