Monday, July 16, 2007

"they are like business cards for dating"

I am all out of business cards. I want to get something really cool and different so I started doing a little research and came across a site called "admit an attraction" and their tagline is "They are like business cards for dating".

The concept is such that if you see someone who you are physically attracted to (you don't need EHarmony's computers to tell you someone is HOT) and you chat them up a bit and then slip them a card with a web site and an access number to contact you.

Being someone that will never get one of these I am not really sure what happens next but I guess you leave your face to face meeting so you can chat online with all the security and confidence that computer to computer interaction gives you.

I do think this is an innovative twist on traditional "computer" dating and perhaps I am not "getting" the big picture here but I think if you are face to face and have an opportunity to hand someone the card you should be able to ask them to make out with you at the same time but maybe I am just old school that way.


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