Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If I build it....will they come?

So I've been toying around with the idea of creating a "Saul Colt - The Smartest Man in the World" Facebook group. I have a buncha ideas on how to keep it cool and different from the blog but I fear my fragile ego would not deal with a group with only a handful of people.

If I offered exclusive content, fun contests, virtual garage sales, awkward stories from my childhood and a regular feature of a daily "original saul style" horriscopes....would that be enough to get you (my faithful reader) to join and be proud active member?

Speaking of regular features....The Lottery Fun feature that I started months back here kinda fizzed out and I want to start it again so for those who are new here all you have to do to share a lottery ticket with me is leave me a comment on this post with a number (or email me directly at saulcolt gmail com) and I will buy the ticket.....doesn't cost you anything and this isn't a scam in anyway. If the ticket ever wins more then $10 I split it with all the number choosers. So far we have won a total of $700 and all parties involved have been satisfied so get in on the free money and keep reading the blog.

But back to the original idea...Do you wanna join my Facebook Group?



beatcanvas said...

I liked it better when you just had an overactive mind.

Nightmare said...

Lottery Fun Feature! I wanna Play!
how does it work? what number range do I use I'm guessing nothing over 60, or is it 50...never mind I'll take 4

saulcolt said...

Hey Beatcanvas,

I hadn't noticed that it changed that much......your opion matters here so i will make this place more like it used to be!



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