Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Donald Trump wants to teach "party girls" some manners....

.....and I think it is about time! Trump is all about class....I mean he has never started silly fights in the media and has never berated people for no good reason (except to maybe to promote a TV show) so for these reasons he is the PERFECT person to teach "party girls" manners and give them direction in their life.

Wondering where I am going with this?

Well Fox has announced that they are developing a new reality show called "Trump's Lady or a Tramp" and the premise is that The Donald is going to whip in to shape a bunch of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan wannabees into debutant's.

This premise smells a lot like the VH1 show Flavor of Love : Charm School but I can't say for sure since I have never watched it.......I tried but lasted one a few minutes.....probably about how long I will last for Trump's version.

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