Sunday, May 20, 2007

My iPOD is full and I only have four albums on it!

So iTUNES informed me this afternoon that my iPOD was full and I needed to make some decisions. I came in late to the iPOD game as I didn't pick up my first one till last October and assumed a 4GB one would hold all my music........thing is one I got into iTunes and started playing around with podcasts I stopped adding music and started listening to podcasts pretty much exclusively.

Right now on my iPOD are 4 albums:
The Pixies Live in Toronto November 25th 2005
Run DMC - Tougher then Leather
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Streetcore
Hello Radio - The They Might Be Giants Tribute Album

and all the rest are a bunch of podcasts. If "You are what you eat" and/or "You are what you listen to" I wonder what this list says about me.

The podcasts I subscribe to are:

Ad Age Audio Reports
Alternative Hip Hop Lounge
Creative Screenwriter Magazine
Cut Van Turntablism
Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
ESPN - Around the Horn
ESPN - Pardon the Interruption
Frank Podcast
Harvard Business Review Ideacast
Heroescast : NBC Heroes
Manageing the Grey
Marketing Edge
Marketing Martini
Marketing on the Edge
Marketing over Coffee
MBA Podcasts
Naive London Girl
NPR : Pop Culture
NPR : Shuffle
Penn Radio
PRI's Studio 360 Conversations
Six Pixels of Separation
The M Show
The Sound of Young America
The Tom Leykis Show
The Tony Kornheiser Show
They Might Be Giants Podcast
This American Life

You are probably asking yourself how I can listen to all of this on a weekly basis and the answer is that I do fall behind on some of it but it certainly helps that I have a close to two hour public transit commute to and from work every day.

If you guys know of a cool cast that you think I would dig that is not on this list please drop me a not and let me know!


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