Sunday, May 27, 2007

I need a new cell phone and I don't like anything my provider is offering.....

I need a new cell phone. I currently have a Razr and for the most part I like it but I have had it for a few years (Can't remember when the first ones came out but I have a first generation phone) and some of the buttons are not working anymore. Even if my phone wasn't acting up I think I would be switching since one of the things I like least about the Razr is that so many people have them.

I am the type of guy who tries to be a little different from the "crowd" and while I don't do this for the sake of being different I just kind a dig having different stuff.

So I went to the cell phone place tonight and I really didn't like any of the models they are offering. I kinda dig the TREO and saw online that they are now available in different colors but my provider only offers the silver one (I would rather go Crimson...Can't call it red because BONO says so)

but I am really kinda leaning towards an unlocked version of the Sidekick since it isn't available in Canada (Thank You EBay), look just like Veronica Mars.......and truly have no one else (or very few) people have and that to me is something cool.

Any suggestions?

Anyone ever use a sidekick? is it a good phone?

Lemme know


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Roy said...

Our family burned through 3 treos, which, while they did sort-of play well with our Macs, were not too sturdy. So, depending on how active you are...

Then we switched to the totally corporate blackberry, and we love them. A bit smaller and lighter than the Treo, longer battery life?, easy to use keyboard (after a bit you can type without looking at the keyboard). And, depending on if your other friends own them, the BB messenger app is nice. There's also a nice gmail client for it.


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