Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clothing Optional Fridays!

Not everyone appreciates my sence of humour and I am cool with that. In my office I have a sign that says "Colthing Optional Friday's" and while I have never participated I do think it is a team building exercise that would truly bring co-workers together.

I am tell you all this because a UK based skin care company called ELAVE has taken the concept of Clothing Optional work spaces and Incorporated it in their new ad campaign. Normally I would just post the video but this is very NSFW (not safe for work) so if you click over prepare to see lots of naked people.

And if I may comment on the effectiveness of the ad I will say it is an interesting use of "shock" but they should have used a few unattractive folks as well to create the feeling of a real office.......and apparently if you are a woman in this office you are allergic to body hair of any kind!

Enjoy the nakedness.


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