Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monetizing my blog and a question about RSS feeds....

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to monetize this blog. I tried earlier in this blogs history to "sell out" (and am still interested...hint hint) so I could gather all the free stuff I could handle and never have to buy another birthday present again. Now this would be cool but I have also been thinking a bunch about how to make a little money as well.......not much but enough to allow me to buy something sill and unnecessary once a month.

This has gotten me looking into a bunch of different things and this brings me to my question (took a while I know but maybe it will be worth it).

Do you guys subscribe to RSS feeds?
Do you click through to the site or do you just read then in outlook and avoid all the ads etc?

This is going to be far from a scientific study but I am curious to know your preferences.

Me personally, I subscribe to about 20 feed and click through to the sites because I like to experience the site the way it was intended but I suspect not everyone does.

Please respond in the comments section or email me. Also if you have any offers for my Sell Out offer please send them my way!


p.s. This site is now read by 3100 people a week....not bragging just trying to get free stuff!

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