Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I am ready to sell out!

I have been thinking of blowing out this little blog with a bunch of ads and stuff so I can finance my addiction to shoes, dvd's and books. My expectations are pretty low but I do think this is an offer all you people of power out there should jump all over!

I am willing to trade space on my very well read blog (the 26,123 most read website in Canada.....and read by folks all over North America) in exchange for free stuff. Send me your products (ya hear that NIKE?) and I will not only give you ad space but I will also talk about your products no less then 20 times a day to people I meet throughout my day........or even better, send me a bunch of shoes (Nike size 12 would do), dvd's or books and I could be convinced to give you naming rights to this here little blog!

This is a great offer for forward thinking companies, (perfect for movie promotion) looking to reach over 1700 (and growing every day) happy, sexy, and smart readers a week. Drop me an email at or leave me a comment and we can work something out!

Just so we are clear....if you are a car company like MINI, I don't expect you to give me a car. I am cool with some MINI clothes or something.

Don't be shy people this is a great opportunity!


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