Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Great Friday everyone!

Hi All,

Hope everyone is having a "Good Friday". When I was in grade school we used to call it Great Friday because there was no school....I wonder if people still make that connection.

Couple of quick stories for your weekend reading.

Firstly, if you could see me right now I bet you would be blushing.......usually I write my blog naked (unless it is during work hours, Then I would just be pant less) but right now I am wearing a super soft velour track suit. I got this as a present and swore I would never wear it because I just didn't think I could pull off the look and because I want people to assume I am ghetto fabulous but not know for sure (That makes sense....right?).

Anyway I rolled out of bed this morning and gave my son the choice of what I would wear...he chose the suit and I am know thinking this is the most comfortable thing in the world. It is size xxxl and I should be wearing an XL. The thing is huge and I could comfortably smuggle a human across a border in this thing but I gotta say................I am thinking of getting another suit. I love this suit and I don't care who knows. I love this suit so much I may just try to get it pregnant...............but that would be later :)

UPDATE: Still waiting for my first offer from my desire to "sell out" . If you read this blog and want to help please spread the word. I will even share some of my swag with you!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend (and the day off) so far I have read two books and watched the Dave Chappelle + Maya Angelou episode of Iconoclast. Feels kinda strange to not work since I always seem to have something going on but I have decided to take today and tomorrow to hang with my son (I am teaching him to rap. It is so awesome...he knows the first three lines to Rob Base's "It Takes Two") catch up on some TV (I am three hours behind on 24) and read some books that have been sitting on my "to read" pile for far too long....then Sunday is back to work.


p.s. I have the next 17 posts all mapped out so you can expect a post or two a day for the next week or so.......I still haven't told any stories of the times girls have tried to persuade me to break one of the 10 commandments!

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