Sunday, April 01, 2007


You read that correctly...I WON THE LOTTERY!

I have known for about a day and I am on still thing is that the winning ticket was part of the lottery fun tickets!

I have already notified the five people sharing it with me and they are as happy as I am!

Something this life changing makes you want to do all the things you have wanted to do your whole life and I am going to try to do them all. I have already make a big purchase and now I want to do something for all of you.

My big purchase was a pair of super slick seamless Nike Air Force Ones just like these!

....and since money wont be a problem for a few days I have decided to offer all the books I have published/written from SSS COMICS to you for free!

I am going to start with my series Eclipse and Vega and will post more as I get them all digitalized..........this is so exciting!

Click on the pictures to be magically taken to a .pdf of each issue and I would love to hear what you think of the books.

By now you are probably thinking "The dude wins the lottery and all he gives us are free digital comics?"....well you would be correct to think this but to be honest, I only won $600 and after I split it with the other "lottery fun" winners I was really only left with enough to buy the shoes :)

Hey but at least you guys get free books to read!

Hope you are all well and keep checking the blog because this week I will be posting news of my next two writing projects (a super cool children's book and a good old fashioned revenge thriller set in the corporate world) as well as stories of the few times I have had real chances to have sexy time with pretty girls....and have turned them all down :(


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