Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Small Business takes Passion.

I have a good friend who goes on and on about the SodaPopStop in Los Angeles. he swears by the place and even had at Coke in glass bottles (from Mexico) at his wedding directly from this shop. I haven't had a chance to visit personally but did find this video interesting because there is a little history on soda as well as some real small business lessons in here.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Chow.com for shooting and originally posting this.

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Karim Kanji said...

WOW! That has got to be the most excited business owner I have ever seen. He's excited about his business, customers, helping people and wanting the other independent companies to succeed.

I love this video.

And you're right, there are some interesting lessons in here.

A must watch!

Thanks for posting it, Saul.



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