Saturday, July 04, 2009

I am Michael Knight, I am Michael Knight, I am Michael Knight...

I remember a long time ago watching an A&E Biography on David Hasselhoff (this was when he was still relevant) and him telling a story of before his audition for Knight Rider he drove his car all around the city saying to himself "I am Michael Knight..I am Michael Knight...I am Michael Knight".

This always kinda stuck with me because this was right out of the book "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale but more than that I have always been intrigued by escapism and experiences and an argument could be made that The Hoff was tricking himself to offer himself a new experience.

Now I have never tricked myself into thinking that I own a members only jacket and a talking car but I do let myself escape into video games every now and then and was taken back by reading about the new Tiger Woods 10 game for the Wii because they are taking Escapism and Experience to a whole new level.

Basically you can enter yourself in golf tournaments and play along side (in real time) against all the players playing at the same time.

OK so that isn't that new or different but the thing that caught my eye was that when you do play a weekend tourney you can play the same real time tourney that the real pros are playing that weekend and to add to the experience you will play in the exact same weather and conditions of the actual course.

So if you were playing along with the US Open a few weeks back your screen would have been blanketed in rain and darkness.

This is very cool because the obvious next step, and I am sure they are working on this, would be to play along side the pros to see if you can match them shot by shot with real updates from the actual tourney. Currently they post the scores but if they could actually embed the game play of the pros it would be pretty awesome.

That my friends is the perfect combination of escapism and experience and if game companies can pull if off I think you will hear a lot of people whispering under their breath...I am Tiger Woods, I am Tiger Woods, I am Tiger Woods.

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