Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Social Media + Retro Marketing = me on the Hopkinson Report!

I had the absolute honor of being a guest on the super amazing Wired Magazine marketing blog "The Hopkinson Report" (named after its super amazing host Jim Hopkinson) and I would love you all to check it out.

I discuss a bunch of topics like:

* How Freshbooks was born out of frustration that many freelancers face
* Why we take our customers — even non-paying ones — to free dinners
* What just might happen if you get stood up on a blind date
* My title, and what happens when the “Head of Magic” heads to Las Vegas
* Why I have a Love-Hate relationship with
* The iPhone promotion that differentiated them from every other company
* My CEO’s blog post “The 7 Ways I’ve Almost Killed Freshbooks
* How the FreshBooks iPhone app helps on-the-go freelancers keep better records

If is all riveting stuff and if you listen real close you can tell that I needed to blow my nose throughout the whole interview! interview - Saul Colt, the “Head of Magic” uses social media and retro marketing to build a loyal following. from Jim Hopkinson on Vimeo.

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