Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some of my best thoughts come as I am getting ready for bed and to prove it I made a video!

I really have a knack for short and snappy titles don't I?

One of the things I am thankful for is my overactive mind. It never really shuts off and if always rolling things around in there and seriously if you ever get a chance to take a look in there you should.

As the title says I get a lot of ideas as I am getting ready for bed and while most of these I can't in good conscience share but this one I can...but instead of me writing about it I figured I would make a short video and let you come along on the ride that is me in my evening routine.

...and like I mention in the video...this is an incomplete idea that as I have thought more about I actually don't 100% agree with but stand by the concept of these videos as something that should really be a look into the idea and not always the idea itself.

So get comfy and please if you think this is interesting and want to see more of them let me know...and I think you know what I mean by see more of me...right?


Getting ready for bed from saulcolt on Vimeo.


Rob Blatt said...

Hey, is available!

Dubi Kaufmann said...

my 0.02

Horoscopes are not about breaking the population into 12 groups, It is about people wanting to read about themselves.
The daily horoscopes in the newspaper is like a very personal message from a wiser nonjudgmental friend. A personal message we don't get that often and look forward to read.
To tie it to marketing I'll say, the language of the sales pitch can use some truisms that the client can see himself being the subject of the phrase.


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