Thursday, November 06, 2008

Loyalty Programs - We will not go quietly into the night!, We will not vanish without a fight, Today we celebrate our Independence day!

In my recent travels while campaigning to be the first Canadian President of the United States I met a man, this man's name was David and David told me an interesting story. David is a frequent traveler and enjoys to stay in specific hotels because he enjoys the level of service and rewards they offer.

I told him that that made perfect sense and then David told me something that really shook me.

Because of the economy, David uses discount hotel reservations services like or, He says it is to be fiscally responsible but much to his surprise the hotel chains would not give him his reward points due to the method of reservation.

Sure he got 2 points for the club sandwich he ordered from room service but 2 points does not inspire loyalty.

I say this for David and for all Americans...If I am elected your President I will not let big business dictate when you receive your rewards...and I will fight for the "Davids" in the world who are looking for change with their "not quite free" copy of the USA Today left at their door every morning.

This is the dawning of a new day and with new days come new promises. My competition will tell you that if they are elected they will do just as I am saying here but I assure you, the American people, I understand the importance of a fresh start...and fresh starts begin with a free breakfast.

This is my promise to you, David and business travelers everywhere...I will fight for your rewards and not rest until everyone has a Cinnamon bun in their hands.

I vote for me is a vote for Freedom

God Bless America

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Peter O'Connell said...

I too continue to be exploited by corporate America who will not honor my frequent user programs on rental cars when I go through et al.

I am an American, I want it all, I deserve it all and I expect it all. Points, discounts, the whole damn shootin' match!

I will vote for you Saul but I will not campaign for you, financial support you or otherwise give you any help in your election.

I am an American and I have TV watch and internet to zone out in front of.


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