Thursday, September 11, 2008

R.I.P. Gregory McDonald

I am a little behind on my rss feed so this may be old news to some but I just found out that Gregory McDonald passed away on September 7th.

For those not familiar with him, he was the author of the series of Fletch novels that the Chevy Chase films were based. Fletch, the movie, is brilliant and one of my favorites but the books, while different are equally as entertaining and I highly recommend them.

In honour of Mr. McDonald I think for lunch I will have a steak sandwich, a bloody mary and a steak sandwich and put it on the Underhill tab.


Virginia Miracle said...

I hadn't read that either! I think I mentioned this to you at Blogger Social, but I named my kid "Fletch" in honor of the movie so this is sad news indeed. Maybe this will finally push Kevin Smith into remaking the movie.

saulcolt said...

Hey Virgina!

Ya I actually thought of you when I read this.


Jim Clark said...

Egads... he was one of my absolute favorite writers. I am truly bummed.

Mark Goren said...

Can I borrow your towel, I just hit a water buffalo.

(Great line from Fletch...)

Sad news, Saul.

Photoshop Girl said...

I'd like a glass of hot fat and the head of Alfredo Garcia to go with your steak sandwiches and Bloody Marys.

Fletch is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I quote it all the time. RIP, Mr. McDonald.


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