Saturday, September 27, 2008

I know and you sir are no!

I have never really been one to get caught up on the coolest trends and/or worrying about what others are wearing/doing because I am all about just being me....well except for right after the film Flashdance came out and all I wore for 6 months were over sized sweatshirts and legwarmers but even then I was really the only guy I knew doing it.

That aside I have noticed something recently that a lot of the "cool kids" are doing and I really dig it and is actually something that solves an issue I have had for a few years now.

Being an eyeglass wearer I am always on the hunt for cool frames that are a little different but still say something about me....I pay close attention to frames of other folks and have noticed more and more folks buying a funky pair of sunglasses (like Oakley or Ray Bans) and just popping in their clear (not tinted) prescription lenses.

I love this idea since (and this is a generality) sunglasses are usually more interesting then regular eye glass frames and in some cases can be much much cheaper then a crazy designer frame....and if it is Ray Bans you are interested in they have a super cool virtual mirror to see how you would look in any of there styles!

So if you would excuse me I am now off to go find these frames because I think they are awesome and they may impress a certain girl in NYC who I have a crazy big crush on.

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Speed Duchess said...

congrats on being a speaker at SXSW, saul! very much looking forward to your speech :)



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