Wednesday, August 13, 2008

“You can ask for a favor...but only once a year”

So the FreshBooks crew went out for lunch the other day and all received fortune cookies...we thought it was kinda strange since we were eating chicken and waffles but we were still hungry so we cracked them open and as surprised as we were to get fortune cookies we were even more surprised to all get the same exact fortune.

It read “You can ask for a favor...but only once a year”. I thought it was creepy cool and mysterious and decided I needed to jump on this since the Jewish New Year is in a few weeks.

So here I go!

I am being considered for two speaking slots at next year’s SXSW Interactive festival and the way you get selected is by if you have a moment can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a second and vote for our panels. I promise we won’t ask for anything else till the year 5769!

The topics of the panels are about Using Web 2.0 tools for Personal and Corperate branding and the other is all about Personality Marketing. Joining me on the panels are some of the smartest people I could wrangle for these topics and they include Mitch Joel, C.C. Chapman, Rohit Bhargava, people from Zappos and Nike and a few more surprises!

Go check out the panels here and I and my Mom thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Done! and I've always wanted to try Chicken and waffles! Is it as weird and yummy as it sounds??

saulcolt said...

Weirder and yummier

Guinevere said...

I voted for you & Mike. I asked work to send me to SXSW next time. Probably a pipe dream, but I'm crossing my fingers! Yes, I am typing my fingers right now while I type -- don't question me.


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