Monday, August 04, 2008

It is the "Where in the World is Saul" contest round one!

Hey loyal and rather attractive readers!

I have mentioned a few times that I desire to be internet famous so to accelerate that result I am inviting people to follow my every move over the next week.

I am leaving tomorrow to Boston for a few days and then NY for one day on some Top Secret FreshBooks business and because it is top secret I figured I was a good excuse to have a secret agent themed contest to give away some cool prizes.

I will be using Twitter (and if I remember, Britekite) to post my locations every hour or so and if anyone can find me (in real life) and comes up and says "Hey, aren't you Saul Colt from are really good looking in real life" and lets me tell them all about what FreshBooks does I will reach into my backpack and give you a pretty cool prize.

Prizes include one free FreshBooks Shuttlebus account good for one year, Books, T-Shirts, autographed pictures of me, hugs, kisses and whatever I can fit into my bag.

So if you don't follow my twitter stream please start following me because I am going to do this in many cities over the next few months.

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