Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have an IDEA! You should totally make out with someone today!

Recently I met a pretty awesome lady and she told me that she had a feeling that there was a lot going on in my head....between you and me, She has no idea how true that is. One of the strange things about me is that I am pretty much unable to "turn off" my mind and I am always working on things. I am sort of a genius with a super computer for a brain but instead of using my abilities to solve the worlds problems I use it to process song lyrics and lines from movies and television shows...oh and to generate a lot of ideas on many different subjects.

I have been thinking a great deal about ideas and idea generation in the last few days because I picked up the book Catching The Big Fish - Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity by David Lynch (yes, That David Lynch). The book is a fascinating read and delves into a lot about letting your mind generate ideas etc and my favorite advice in the book is about love!

Love is my favorite thing in the world and am always thinking about how LOVE (the emotion, not the physical act) can be used in your job and your career. The best example in the book is, about falling in love with an idea....really falling in love with an idea and I am now going to take that example to an extreme......I agree falling in love with an idea is the way to go but I think you need to fall so in love that it gives you butterflies and you are always thinking about it and even when you are not thinking about it you have a piece of it with you and you are wondering what that idea is up to and how you can get back to it.

Believe me when I say I know that sounds creepy but if you are really interested in great idea development you have to really find it from somewhere deep inside yourself (hence the title "catching the big fish") and if you really think about it......Love makes you do things and take risks. Can you remember a time you just grabbed a girl or a guy and kissed them not knowing if it would be received well. That was a big risk but I bet it felt awesome and exciting.

Now take that feeling and implement that in an idea or a project.

Fall in love with things and take a love risk.

Oh and find someone you have never kissed before and grab them by the ears and give them a sloppy wet can tell them I said it was Ok!


Gerard said...

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be fired or at least get a visit from HR after reading your post at work. :)

saulcolt said...

You can't get fired cause of LOVE...That is bad karma or something :)

Kyra said...

Your blog posts have the best titles. And timing! This morning I was brainstorming on the way to work about how (and when) I could get back in touch with my creative self and the ideas that have been forming in my subconscious. Step one: Read "Catching the Big Fish" ... thanks for the tip.

saulcolt said...

Hey Kyra,

Glad I could help in some small way...does that mean you are going to follow my other advice and kiss someone today?

Kyra said...

Maybe ... Do you think David Lynch is in town? ;)

The Dan Ward said...

Saul, you crack me up. I particularly love the "grab someone by the ears" bit.


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