Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does Chris Brogan realize how influential he is?

I am a big fan of Chris Brogan's and really enjoyed his recent blog post titled "Be Sexier in Person" where Chris talked about networking and how to make the most of face to face encounters at a conference etc.

I actually read this post from my phone this morning while I was waiting for a conference to start and one of the pieces of advice was instead of saying "What do you do?” he suggests saying “what are you working on that’s fun?" because he feels it is more interesting.

Since I was at a conference anyway I figured I would give it a try and when I went to introduce myself to the first person of the day he surprised me by saying "SO, What are you working on that’s fun?"

Sound Familiar?

I considered asking if he was a Brogan fan but instead just answered his question.

This moment made me realize that stuff I write here does have an impact on people....and I also realized that Chris Brogan is a popular popular man!


Connie said...

Hilarious! If someone reading this does not know who Chris Brogan is, get thee over to his blog and start reading! (Well, but not after reading through Saul's blog first).

Bargainista said...

Okay, so now what can we ask Chris Brogan at PAB? We need a question that's original. Maybe we should make up a code and all of us should ask him the same thing but not publish it on our blogs. Sound like fun?

Connie said...

Oh yeah! Then we have to add "eh" at the end of our question so he thinks it's just some quirky Canadian thing.

Sameer Vasta said...

Instead of asking “what are you working on that’s fun?", we should instead, just say, "so, Chris Brogan?" and have it mean the same thing. =)

Chris Brogan said...

You crazy kids. I'm part Canadian on my wife's side, so I know who says "eh" and who doesn't. : ) Heck, I was just up in Montreal last week for a day (well, 19 hours).

Thanks, Saul. It was nice to read this, and yes, please don't forget that you're inspiring the best out of aspiring magicians everywhere. : )

Bargainista said...

Chris, I guess we're all in trouble now. See you at PAB, eh? ;)This time I can even participate in the social events.

Saul, The pressure is on for you to perform some magic.


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