Thursday, May 29, 2008

Twitter is a religion....but without all the creepy singing.

Blogs all around the interweb are screaming at Twitter for their performance issues over the last week or so. Like others I admit I have been inconvenienced by their being down since I LOVE TWITTER and rely on it a great deal to keep connected to my friends and people I love (but have not told them my feelings yet) but I can't bring myself to get worked up like some others because even though Twitter is sometimes frustrating I still think it is worth every cent and more then I pay for it!

Yes Folks, Twitter is a free service.

If I were paying for Twitter (and I would if it came to that) I would have a different opinion but while it is still free I think we need to step back and give them a break.

I believe the reason people get so worked up over Twitter is because for a large number of people Twitter has become like a religion.

Don't believe me?

Here are the basic characteristics of a religion and see if you see yourself and Twitter in there:

structured - Everyone is gathering in one place to tell others what they are doing.
dependency - If people didn't care, no one would mind when they go down.
intimate - Many people post naked or on the toilet.
hierarchy/authoritative - Certain people assume leadership rolls.
effects behavior - Too many examples to mention here.
anything a person finds sacred and feels connected to - Pretty obvious.
devotion to an idea or a figure - Face it....We all idolize the Whale.

Now if you are still with me here I would like to point out that this is just an observation and not a rant. While some people will read "Religion" and think it is a bad thing, I am actually making the point that preying to a Whale is miles ahead of preying to an alien and now that you understand why you get so mad at Twitter maybe you can find it in your heart to cut them some slack.

Because religion is all about forgiveness.

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