Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I love you, please take my schwag, now get the hell away from me!

My brain is always working....and the three things I am always thinking of are Customer Service, Marketing Experiences and of course, making out with girls.

This post is about an embarrassing example of Customer Service (and the next one is a great example of a superior experience) that I was a part of just the other day. I was in Boston earlier this week attending the How Design Conference and while this isn't a recap of the conference I do want to share something that happened.

Like most conferences there was a large amount of company schwag, in fact this event had more schwag then I had seen anywhere else. One booth was giving away pretty cool t-shirts and I went over to check them out...and in the interest of "painting a picture" I should tell you that the exhibit floor was packed. At the booth a lady in the booth asked what size shirt I wanted and I told her. I then asked her to tell me about her product because I feel if I am going to take something free from them the least I could do is sit through their pitch.

What happened next is still shocking to me...after asking for this person to pitch me I was told that she wished she could but the booth is busy and they have a lot of shirts to hand out.

The strange thing about this experience is that I was so shocked at how I was treated that I didn't even take note of the company name or anything about them. I didn't want the shirt anymore, even if it was the perfect shade of green, and proceeded to give it to a security guard standing around.

Now you are probably expecting me to point out some lesson here but I think you guys are too smart for me to need to point out the obvious.

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