Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Degree Marketing Blog asks me 5 questions!

The very fine folks at the One Degree were kind enough to ask me a few questions about what makes me the (not yet recognized) 2008 Marketer of the Year.

It is a great interview with lots of incite into my very active brain...here is an excerpt (one of the 5 questions) and click here to read the whole thing.

One Degree: Did you learn anything from this experience?

Customers are always more than customers. They are people. Sure you can read that and think it's buzz speak or a cliché - but once you have shared a meal with someone and had a chat about stuff not revolving around work, you look at them differently and want to give them more then you already are. This isn’t something I just learned on this trip, but the trip reconfirmed my belief of this.

Real world relationships in a Web 2.0 world (and a superior product) are the absolute best way to build a happy and loyal community. The days of faceless companies with no outward facing personality no longer work with savvy people. With so much more of people’s communications happening through a keyboard, some people want to be a part of something and feel some love from the companies they deal with. The companies that can do this genuinely, and not in a forced fashion, will have customers and fans.

Oh and while you're over reading the interview...feel free to leave nice comments because my Mom will be reading it :)

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