Monday, April 07, 2008

I am back from Blogger Social!

Blogger Social is over and I had an absolute blast. I will write a more in depth report of the weekend later (probably tomorrow) but for now I hope you enjoy this "Saultoon" about he event.

(I have a bunch of real posts coming but until then please remember that if you are reading this on through a RSS reader you will have to click through to read the cartoon)


The Dan Ward said...

Clearly, I am not the Smartest Man In The World, because I can't figure out how to embed bitstrips in my blog.

I've made characters... I've made comics... I've pressed the "publish" button (after selecting a genre)... and I've pressed the little Globe-shaped "embed" button.

And nothing happens. I'm stumped. I don't think the nice people at Bitstrips intended for embedding to be limited to only the Smartest, so I hope you can assist...

saulcolt said...

Hey Dan,

It takes a minute or so for the embed code to generate. i usually leave the strip and click on "MY STRIPS" and than click back into the strip and it will be there.

Not sure if it is a bug or something but that is what works for me!


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