Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Saul Colt Valentines Day offer!

Hi Y'all,

If there is one thing I want each of you, my loving readers, to know about me it is that I am all about the love.

I have so much love in me that I have enough for my loved ones and some to I am offering some of my overflow love this Valentines Day season.

Basically I am offering myself to me your Valentine. Doesn't matter who you are (Female, Male, Tall, Short, mobile or shut in) I will be your Valentine!

I am sure you remember someone (maybe yourself) who didn't get a lot of Valentines Day cards in school....Well I think everyone deserves to feel my love so.....

.......anyone who comments on this post (with an email address) or if anyone emails me directly saulcolt (at) gmail com will get a personally written loving email on Thursday and if you request it I will throw in some sassy/sexy talk to boot.

All at no charge!

SO why I am I offering this?

Because I believe the love you get is equal to the love you give.....and I love.......getting love.

So don't be shy and send in those requests!



Chris said...


Great Post. I'm expecting a pretty creative message from you on Valentine's. Maybe something along the lines of why Nike hasn't come out with a Valentine's shoe? You'll think of something!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. You're too sweet. And I'm LOVING the new profile pic. Nice!

Anonymous said...

You're too sweet. Thanks! And I'm LOVING the new profile pic. Nice!


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