Sunday, February 03, 2008

If you think I'm Sexy...and you want my body...come on baby let me know!

OK so only people over 30 will probably get the title of this post but I figured it fit so I used it!

After doing an ego google search.......OK you caught me......I have a google alert set for my name....but that isn't important right now.....what is important is that my name came up in a Wired Magazine poll looking for the sexiest geeks of 2007.

I didn't nominate myself but I have voted from every different isp I could find but I think they are on to me since I voted at least four times and I only have two votes!

Now I don't think I can win this thing since there are some beautiful ladies with thousands ov votes but I would like to break double digits!

So if you can find the strength to vote I would appreciate it forever!

Oh ya...when you get to the site you may have to click on NEW to find me....and remember "A Vote for me is a vote for FREEDOM!"


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