Monday, February 25, 2008

I have a secret speaking thingie Tuesday the 26th!

The sometimes appropriately titled Third Tuesday is hosting another event (tomorrow or today depending on when you read this) and this time it features ME as a co presenter.

The little talk is called "The Wisdom of Mike McDerment" and Mike is going to....well share his wisdom.

So where do I come in?

Well since Mike was wise enough to hire me I am also going to add my .02 and share my ever expanding knowledge with the crowd in my own unique way.

Basically it was too late to add my name to the marquee but I promise I will be speaking and sharing not only "stuff I know" but also hugs and kisses.

Hope to see you there!


Michael Seaton said...

Great meeting you tonight at Third Tuesday - and great presentation. Have fun on the RV trip!

highlander15 said...

I was there too. Great presentation. I love the fact that you guys are taking an 'unsexy' (if one could call it that) product and giving it some personality! Have fun at Roadburn - I will be following your progress.


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