Sunday, January 13, 2008

Possiblily the best sales video I have ever seen!

So I already mentioned that I have a new job...but what I didn't mention is that I have decided that I need a new car to go with this new job.

...and when I say a new car I really mean "a car" because I have been car less for close to 2 years now. I used to really be in to flashy cars and would only want the best of the best but my opionion of cars has changed with my old age and now I really just want something cheap and used since I almost never drive on the weekends and only work 30 minutes from home (by car or 75 minutes by public transportation).

In my inter web sleuthing I came across a car site that almost changed my mind about "car practicality" and I am comfortable saying here I think this was the best sales video for any product I have ever seen.

Click on the Pict...or here

And if that wasn't enough here is another Volvo site for the same V30 Car that is just as good and makes me want to get a marketer I tip my cap to you nice Volvo folks!


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Hjörtur Smárason said...

Very nice!

Congratulations on your new job, Saul.


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