Sunday, December 16, 2007

An open letter to Potato Chip companies.....

Dear Potato Chip Makers,

Why are you budding your big nose in my marriage?

Just today I opened a big bag of your delicious starch treats and took out two satisfying salty crisps and put the bag back for another day. Several hours later I received a stern talking to from the rest of my family for “eating half of the bag by myself” and my excuse of “I only ate two chips” just didn’t cut it with them.

So since I took the heat for you I am pointing a slightly oily and salty finger at you and wondering the following:

Why do you sell bags of your product that are only half filled? In a time of all this environmental awareness why don’t you follow the lead of environmental leader Wal-Mart and cut down on your packaging?

I am writing as someone who loves you and the product you make but feel I need answers!

You can still hold your head high with a smaller bag....heck some companies use a tennis ball can. People understand that good things come in small packages (it is something I have been telling my wife for years) so step up to the plate Potato people and take some ownership of your practices.....and if you could give me a letter I could show my family I would appreciate it as well

Yours in snacks


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